Custom Carpets

Although we at Jansons Carpets stock a huge range of designs and sizes, Our team unserstands that sometimes a more unique as well as authentic approach is required, and we are always ready for challenges. Jansons Carpets always encourage customers to explore their own creativity as well as commission a unique piece that is perfectly tailored to their personal style and client custom requirement. Whether it is customising one of our existing designs, or working with us on a completely bespoke creation, our expert teams will guide you through this exciting process.

We understand that all rooms in our house are made equal, certain spaces call for something different - Our tailored custom-made carpet approach enables you to find a perfect carpet for your perfect room design. Our widespread catalogue of carpets and rugs provide a rich tapestry of inspiration for customers wanting flex their creative muscle. We can custom-made any design to suit your particular requirements. There are myriad possibilities - colour, shape, size of existing rugs can be altered and patterns up or downscaled - which is why our team will guide you through the process.

Our vast expereince and in-depth industry knowledge help us to transform your design into a beautiful bespoke rug. Whatever your concept, we will explore the many possibilities of colour, technique and material to help you develop and realise your vision. A bespoke rug takes time to weave, but the result is the ultimate luxury - your very own masterpiece to treasure forever.

Choosing the correct design is paramount; design selection is made from either our in-house Signature collections or we can start from scratch and create a completely custom made solution.

Signature designs that are exclusive to the Loophouse studio offer a myriad of design options. Whether you are looking for a linear, organic, floral, geometric pattern, or a rich texture or colour transition, these signature pieces present unique and original design solutions for your hand made rug requirements.

Each in-house design can be presented as seen or used as a starting point for your bespoke carpet design idea.

Our production capacity allows any size and quantity of carpets to be made; so whether you are looking for a rug or carpet for a corporate or public space, a living or dining room, a retail roll-out, a University, a Government Building or 160 rugs for a luxury hotel, our production capabilities can be tailored to meet your needs.

Ideas are ubiquitous. Imagination is boundless. At Jaipur Rugs, we are here to help your ideas take shape, size, color and design of your choice. Choose from our wide range of designs, or pick one of your own, and let us customize the rugs to suit your requirements. For when ideas meet craftsmanship, wonders are created.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Hand-Knotted Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are given the level of care and attention it deserves.

Stain Removal

Our technique enables us to remove all dirt and stains for carpets.

Fix and Appointment

Please call us at 09811129095 or mail us at

Low Pile Restoration

If you have areas of low pile, we restore carpets it to its original condition.

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