Carpet Restoration

Restoration of Carpet

Replacement of carpets can be a major expense, and many times it’s not always necessary to get rid of your existing carpet after it’s been damaged.

We repair carpets professionally with perfection. The repair and restoration of carpets is truly one of our greatest passions. To pour life back into a work of woven art, to restore its beauty and make it last through the generations

We can help you take the proper steps to recondition and restore your damaged carpet. We are available at any hour; our help line is always open to get you the answers you need. Call us now!..

Carpet Cleaning Services

Hand-Knotted Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are given the level of care and attention it deserves.

Stain Removal

Our technique enables us to remove all dirt and stains for carpets.

Fix and Appointment

Please call us at 09811129095 or mail us at

Low Pile Restoration

If you have areas of low pile, we restore carpets it to its original condition.

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