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How to take care of
your carpets

Cleaning Daily
There are many professional books for the care and cleaning of the carpets. However, the following advice is the basic General instructions that the average homeowner may exercise in the care and cleaning of their carpets. The best Recommendation is regular brushing with an old fashioned Handbroom. Remember that vacuum cleaning may damage the fringes and will loosen the knots if used regularly. Also, never use the revolving brush attachment on the carpet. It will pull the fibers apart, the nozel attachment is the best & may be used at most once or twice a month. An old fashioned carpet beater is one good way to clean the carpets once in a few weeks. Once in few months a sunbath to carpet and good shaking outdoor is invaluable for removing the harmful dust. Always beat the back of the carpet to allow dirt to fall. Never beat handmade carpet violently. In winter put the carpet on frozen snow pile down. and beat the back of the carpet gently. if there is any harmful dust in the carpet it will fall on snow.

How to deal with spills

Water and dampness are the greatest danger to any oriental carpet. Water spillage is perhaps the most common accident in the home. When occurs use an undyed towel. and try to absorb as much of the spilled water and a hair dryer set at a moderate heat (never hot) is probably the best implement for drying the carpet after this treatment. Try to put the carpet in sun to make sure it is dry.

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